Ski Graphics

Use the tabs below to navigate through our many top sheet options with images for each.

Price: $60

ULLR Skis currently offers 4 different options for a Bamboo Topsheet. We have narrow or wide band blond bamboo, and narrow or wide band caramel bamboo. These can be screen printed with our logo, or you can submit your own graphics in a PDF file. We will not make any changes to the designs that you send us, so please make sure that you have edited the graphic to reflect precisely what you want on your ski before sending to us. We will print out EXACTLY what you submit and then print onto rice paper and place over the bamboo topsheet during the wet layup process for a unique look that is truly yours. Please note that you will see the edges of the rice paper if you choose this option as the rice paper is translucent but not invisible.

Price: No Charge

This option is for the purist who wants to see all the components of the ski. We are currently working with a number of different dyes to get different effects. Currently the resin-dying process is producing a tinted look that does not entirely mask the ski. If you are looking for a tinted or weathered look, this is great option. If you are looking for a very specific solid color, the handmade paper option may be better for you.

Price: $25 (excludes price of paper)

We have had awesome luck with using handmade papers as topsheets. This is a great option if you want a distinct color, theme, or pattern on your ski. Please check out for a great (and sometimes overwhelming) selection of papers. Please make sure that you aren't ordering cardstock. The medium-dark papers when wetted out with resin turn a couple of shades darker than original. The lighter colors have a tendency to fade when wetted out with resin. Please keep this in mind when ordering you papers. You can have your papers shipped directly to us at 411 Deinhard Ln. Suite F #149 McCall, Idaho 83638. Please just send to your name, care of ULLR Skis so that we know which papers go with your order.

Price: $25 (excludes price of map)

Just send us a map of your ski area, favorite backcountry destination, or any other map that you want on your skis. Please send us four USGS 7.5min maps running either north to south or east to west. These work great. You can also use water/tear resistant maps as well. These are usually bigger so we only require two of them. What a great way to always find you way!

Price: $120

If you have a very specific piece of art or design that you want on your ski, we encourage you to consider adding a custom sublimated topsheet so you can achieve the exact effect you are looking for. We use only the best graphics printers that use the highest quality inks and topsheets.  These are the same folks that the big guys use for their custom work.  If you need help with your graphics or are looking for an artist we can help you find someone to help you get what you want.  The printers have some artwork requirements in order to get the best possible product and image quality.  Their link to the artwork requirements is: Miller Studios

Price: $25

Add your company's logo, or your own custom art! Just submit your graphics in a PDF file and tell us where you would like the art placed on your skis. We will print them out on rice paper and apply them during the wet lay up. Please note: your art must be in the correct font, size, and color when you send it to us.

Price: $100

Your art on your bases. Another great way to show off your own style!

Price: Variable

Although we are familiar with many options for topsheets and graphics, we encourage you to present your own creative ideas; we know we haven't thought of everything! So give us a shout with your new idea and we can kick it around to see if it will work. We reserve the right to add an additional surcharge for very labor intensive graphic work. We will not add any fees without first discussing them with you.