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Start out by clicking on the order form below.  There are about 30 questions that will give us a good baseline for where to start on a design for you.  We will email you a proposal based on the questionnaire.  This is where the dialog starts and we get your skis dialed in with you.    

Are Custom Skis Right for Me?

Custom skis are right for anyone looking for a great pair of skis designed just for them.  You can feel good about supporting a small local company that buys all U.S. made materials, recycles/reuses as much of its waste as possible and is focused solely on you and your enjoyment on your skis.  You can be involve as little or as much as you would like. 

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Once you approve a design, we will process your payment and schedule your skis in the next available batch.  We typically build one batch per month.  We accept most major credit cards over the phone or using Paypal.  If you are interested in custom graphics, please be sure to discuss this with the technician so we can ensure your graphic designs are ready and do not delay the production of your skis.  Once your skis are completed they will be shipped after the balance is paid. 

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Just because you are clicking this button does not mean you are commited to buying skis.  This just gets the ball rolling.  We appreciate the opportunity to build you a great pair of skis!