Sustainability in Ski Manufacturing

Sustainable Products

At Ullr Ski Company we continue to research and incorporate sustainable products into our process.  Last year we we successfully tested and are now using Entropy Resins in the construction of our skis.  Entropy Resins are performance oriented, are sustainable, and have lower environmental impact than standard resins used by most manufacturers. They contribute to a significant reduction in CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions from processing.

We are now using a US made core supplier.  We have now switched our wood core suppliers to based in Eugene Oregon.  The cores are now full length Red Oak and Birch 9 ply A-1 grade horizontal laminate.  The wood is FSC, LEED certified and uses a non urea formaldehyde resin to bond the layers together.  One more way we are commiting to sourcing locally and environmentally friendly. 

As much as is possible Ullr Ski Company attempts to locally source as much of the materials and consumables we can that are used in manufacturing of our products and we recycle everthing possible.

Locally Produced

Buying locally manufactured products besides being good for the enviornment and reducing your carbon footprint is a boost to local economies.  A large precentage of skis today are manufactured over seas and in some cases a lot of the money you spend on those leaves our country.  When you buy locally you insure your purchases are having the most benifit to our economy and our communities and your contributing to job growth right here in the US.  When you buy products manufactured over seas, not so much.  While it's not always possible to buy a locally manufactured prodcut Ullr Skis is proud to be able to provide you with that option.