Customer Reviews

"Floatatious durable ski.  I have skied ULLR skis for an entire season and have been very impressed. I have a 180cm 138/104/124 with early rise and was amazed at how much the ski floated up on top.  Spring skiing was able to test edge and base durability with sliding off a rock slab that held up very well and I could hardly notice any scratches.   I have used this ski as my one all around ski for resort and mainly backcountry.  For the price, they are a bargain and put you in the drivers seat for getting exactly what you want by being able to custom order your ski online.  GET SOME!!!!!

- Jared from McCall, Idaho  (Going on his third season with these.)

 "I chose Ullr skis because I was having trouble finding the skis I wanted within my price range.  I was pleased to find that my new skis exceeded my expectations and were a great value.  The only problem with these skis is they make me want to buy another pair!"

- Ali from Gunnison, Colorado


"I finished my ski season on August 1st. and I must say my handmade, designed for me Ullr skis made the biggest change in performance of any ski since I began skiing in 1956.  Powder, wind slapped, heavy chop, groomed, ice, and sunpocked spring snow were alot easlier to ski with the design of the skis.  I used dimensions from BD Verdicts along with some changes that Matt Neuman and I thought might make a difference.  Boy did they.  Anyone not using the rockered tip and tail with the flex and lateral stiffness through the tip and tail is really missing out.  Call me at anytime and I will be glad to tell you the story of these skis."

- Mac McBoyle from Grangeville, Idaho (1-208-###-####) 


"Hey Matt, I just wanted to let you know how much I like my Ullrs.  At 144/104/122  with an early rise in the tip, they are all around rippers!  The skis turn quick for a wide body, tele through all but the worst snow with no problem, eat crud with out any deflection, float with a really cool surfy feeling in the deep stuff, and absolutely rail on the groomers!  These skis are incredibly stable at high speed (maybe you should consider ULLR helmets to go with your skis).  They also seem to be really tough as I quickly tested them with a snowmobile versus tree incident early in the winter. The only thing holding the upturned sled against the tree was my left ski which was strapped on the back of the machine.  I rolled the sled over sure I had demolished my new skis and bam the ski went from a 20+ degree reverse camber right back into shape when it released.  Crazy! Most skis would have been toast.  I suspect that the carbon fiber in the tip saved the ski (metal would have been bent like a taco). Seriously, the skis perform much better in every way than I would have thought and with over 80 days on them last year, they felt just as good at the end of the season as the first day I skied them."

-Dave Bingaman from McCall, Idaho; Avalanche Forecaster  (Going on his third season patroling and forcasting on his.)

"Matt, the new skis are awesome. I just skiied them for 2 weeks at Brundage.  They are perfect and even better than we discussed. They turn great and eat up the bumps. The flexibility you built in the tips have helped my titanium hip imensely. I will stop by the shop with a 6 pack one day soon."


"I had a pair of Ullr skis made last winter (2011) and they're the best skis I've ever ridden! I had a pair of fatties made for skiing powder (140-114-130 L-188) and they float like nothing else. The rocker tip and early taper help tremendously at keeping me on top of even the deepest, lightest powder and make it nearly impossible to bury the tips. The moderate reverse camber in combination with the carbon fibers running the entire length of the ski give them an awesome spring out of every turn. Even with their huge size, they rip down the groomers too. The early rise makes them act like a shorter ski on groomers and the side cut is perfect for fast, tight turns.

I've currently skied 30+ days on them and they haven't lost a bit of their luster. Several of those days have been spent hiking in the back country and they are just as light as any other ski I've hiked with. When the time comes I defiantly will have no qualms about buying another pair."

 -Scott Storms from McCall, Idaho

"I just wanted to say thanks again. I'm loving the new skis. You are great at what you do. Nice work!!! I'll be in touch soon."

-Matt Helhake from McCall, Idaho

First email from Steve,

"Hi Matt-

 I had a chance to try out my new skis this Saturday, and they were a ton of fun.  The conditions were not optimal (but could’ve been  worse).  It had been in the mid-40s the day before, then froze over night.  It was snowing lightly all day, which generally put an inch or two of soft stuff over the re-frozen boilerplate.  It took me a couple of runs to get a handle on these skis.  At first, I kept getting kicked out of the end of my turns.  They are also so light compared to my other skis that I had to get my head around how easy they are to maneuver.  Once I figured out the weighting and edging, though, I was really enjoying pushing them (and myself).  I ended up having a lot of confidence in their stability, finding I could pretty much go as fast and aggressive as needed to really have a blast.  In the afternoon, the snow softened into ski-able crud.  These skis were amazing in that: kind of floating, while pushing the crud out of the way.  Based on that, I can’t wait to actually use them in deep fresh snow.  It looks like it’s supposed to snow all week, so that should be very soon.

 As you might imagine, several people asked what the heck I was skiing on.  I told them they should definitely check out your website and what you are up to. 

 I am totally psyched to have these skis in my quiver and pulling them out whenever it’s time for maximum soft snow fun.  Thanks, Matt"


Second email from Steve

"Hi Matt-


I hope all is well with you.  I have used the skis you made for me four times now, and am totally digging them.  Got a nice powder day a couple weeks ago, and they were a blast in that. 

 Also had a great sunny spring day last Saturday, when the afternoon snow turned into fairly heavy crud.  However, rather than being a chore, these skis made the crud super fun.  They had to drag me off the slopes.

 It’s probably about time for me to think about tuning up the edges.  What degree of bevel should I use?


Thanks again for the awesome skis!"


-Steve Claussen from Portland, Oregon